We took a good idea and made it great.

It was the beginning of the end of “tenant insurance.”


In 2009, we saw an opportunity to create a product that eliminated all of the problems, confusion, and most importantly, the individual insurance licensing requirement that was becoming an obstacle to offering tenant insurance for protecting self-storage contents. Our new plan was called Tenant Property Protection which, in its most basic form, is a promise between the self-storage facility owner and the customer to offer protection for the tenant contents being stored in return for a small monthly fee.

It was much easier to understand and sell, it was much more profitable, and it offered storage tenants much better coverage with no deductible and without any insurance catches. No errors and omissions coverage is necessary.

Tenant Property Protection plans work. But don’t think we’re satisfied. We’re always looking for ways to improve our plan for protecting self-storage contents and we’re always looking for ideas that improve how we sell and service our tenant protection plan. We’ve launched online training tools. Tenants can submit a claim to tppclaims.com right from their mobile device. We’ve made a simple program, designed to protect self-storage tenants, even simpler by continuously reviewing it top to bottom. We survey each and every tenant after the claims process to ask how we can continually improve our service

What else would you expect from a company that was created by Self-Storage industry veterans? We know the challenges you face striving to be known as “my city’s self-storage facility” and we’re here to help.  Feel free to contact us. We would love to show you how, with Tenant Property Protection, owners, managers, and tenants profit and win.

  • Harry Sleighel
    Harry Sleighel Founder/Chairman
  • Terry Anderson
    Terry Anderson President/CEO
  • Ruth Kolling
    Ruth Kolling Director of Operations
  • Denise Bonnie
    Denise Bonnie Director of Client Services
  • Marlene Sleighel
    Marlene Sleighel Executive Marketing Assistant
  • Tony Naccarato
    Tony Naccarato Eastern Division Sales Director
  • Darrick Jones
    Darrick Jones Chief Financial Officer
  • Leigh Adams
    Leigh Adams Human Resources Manager
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