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Is this tenant insurance?

Make no mistake, Tenant Property Protection is not insurance. TPP is an agreement between the storage facility and the tenant. In the agreement, the storage facility agrees to pay the tenant’s covered loss with no deductible. TPP is the same in all 50 states. It’s simple, effective coverage you can count on.

Tenant Insurance is exactly what it says it is – an insurance contract between the tenant renting self-storage and an insurance company. Details and coverage vary too much from state to state to go into specifics of exactly what is covered, what is not covered or how they pay self-storage insurance claims. It can be confusing and frustrating for owners and managers of self-storage systems, and tenants of a self-storage unit – especially in the event of a claim.

Do I need an insurance license to sell Tenant Property Protection Plan?

There’s no insurance license required. Sign up with TPP and say, “R.I.P. Insurance!”

How much can I earn?

No matter what size self-storage facility you own or manage, through TPP, earning potential is virtually unlimited. The more you sell, the more profit from administration fees you earn.

How important is it to have my tenants’ contents protected?

Equally as important as the design, construction (or conversion), and fit of your self-storage facility were when you first opened for business is the need for you to offer protection for your tenants’ contents.

When a loss occurs in today’s social media environment, an owner’s reputation may be destroyed by the lack of understanding of who is responsible for the replacement of one’s loss. Tenants with a protection plan require less ‘babysitting’ during a loss and cause less torture for the owner or manager(s).

When you encounter a tenant, who is in the process of moving, one of the most important moving/self-storage tips you can give them is to protect their storage with a Tenant Property Protection Plan.

From a tenant who might want to use one of your units to set-up and take self-storage selfies to the need to have a self-storage auction, you must offer a protection plan that provides your tenants real coverage with no loopholes.

What is paid for a tenant’s damaged or stolen item(s)?

We will pay to repair or replace up to the limit of the tenant protection plan purchased for damaged or stolen item(s) from a self-storage unit.

What do I do if I need to file a claim?

Customers may file claims online using our form at tppclaims.com. You may also call our claim number at 877-575-7774. Then use option 6.

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