It’s not just better than insurance, it’s smarter.

Tenant Property Protection eliminates all of the headaches, all of the hassles, all of the paperwork, all of the broken promises and all of the nonsense of tenant insurance programs.

What do we cover?


Water Damage


Rodent Damage






Building Collapse








Wind Damage

Protection Pete’s mission: Protect owners, operators, managers, and tenants from misleading omitted facts, and lies tenant “insurance” providers may use!
Meet Protection Pete!When the crooks and con-artists of the Tenant Insurance industry were at their worst, one hero stepped forward.

It’s a simple choice. As a self-storage owner, you can offer your tenants insurance…which will require you to obtain licensing for the sale of self-storage tenant insurance in the USA…which requires classes, fingerprinting and background checks. And as soon as you’re licensed you’ll need expensive errors and omissions coverage to make sure you’re not the target of claim litigation. And then, in the event of a claim, you’ll have to deal with angry tenants who discover their loss isn’t covered. (That’s usually when the litigation starts.)

Then again, you can offer your tenants Tenant Property Protection (TPP).

Unlike insurance for self-storage, with a Tenant Property Protection plan there’s no insurance licensing required and you can be set up – ready to increase your profits and protect your tenants – in about 72 hours. And the best part? When a claim is submitted and your tenants’ contents are covered – they are settled quickly and get replacement cost with no deductible.

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