Eliminate the need for mail-in checks and reports

Let’s Go Contactless!



Simple payment process for your TPP Secure™ (secured units) and/or TPP PLUS™ (RV/Boat)

Upload your payment(s) directly to Tenant Property Protection® in one of the following options:

     A. Create your own ACH process (To preserve/protect your ACH information)    <Download Instructions>

     B. Pay via Square

  • In the “FULL NAME” field, use your facility/Location ID.
  • To include additional information, use the “NOTE” section at the bottom of your payment screen.
  • See the example below for reference.

Tenant Property Protection Payment

Pay now


  • Easily upload your "Insurance Reports" directly to our Operations Director by clicking "Choose File".


Questions? Contact us Toll-Free at 1-877-575-7774
Or contact the Director of Operations, Ruth Kolling’s at 623-215-0645
Or email rkolling@tenantpropertyprotection.com

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