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At Tenant Property Protection, We Believe:

“If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you.”

Tenant Property Protection’s warranty plan is designed with you, your manager and your tenant in mind.

Additional Revenue

Earn up to 75% in admin fees.

Sell more warranties – make more money!

Easy Transition

Change from your current tenant insurance provider to TPP’s warranty protection plan with our easy 72 hour set up.

On-Line Training

Our customized on-line program is available 24/7 so you can get the training you need any time you need it.

When you offer Tenant Property Protection at your facility, you are offering your tenant the best warranty protection plan on the market!

TPP’s Warranty Protection Plan Pricing

$12/month – $3,000 maximum warranty protection
$20/month – $5,000 maximum warranty protection


Burglary & Break-ins are covered under our program


Damage caused by earthquakes and fault shifts


Explosions that originate from inside or outside covered structure


Damage caused by fire, smoke or protective water


Natural electricity that directly damages or ignites property


Protect your tenants from vandalism losses

Water Leaks

Water damage can be devastating to property – we ensure you’re covered

Wind Damage

Hurricanes, tornados, and other wind damage is covered

Tenant Property Protection Enhanced Coverage

  • Rodent & Vermin damage – up to $500 per covered unit
  • Water damage from leakage including, sprinklers, plumbing or air conditioning systems
  • Increased limits up to $20,000 available upon approval

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Tenant Property Protection warranty plans are in.

Tenant “insurance” is out!


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 Offer the industry’s best warranty protection plan to your tenants – offer Tenant Property Protection!