Easy to implement. Easy to sell.
Easy to manage.

Tenant Property Protection® Secure™ Plan Advantages
  • No State Insurance Licensing Required
  • No Errors / Omissions Coverage Needed
  • Earn As Much As You Want to Sell
  • Available in All 50 States
  • Replacement Cost – No Deductible
  • Quick Claim Settlement Target
  • Live, Online Training
  • Easy Administration
  • Compatible With All Industry Software

With Tenant Property Protection® owners, managers and tenants win.

The fact is, Tenant Property Protection® is smarter than insurance. Because unlike complicated insurance programs that require self-storage owners and managers to obtain licensing, attend classes, have their fingerprints taken, submit to background checks, and buy costly errors and omissions coverage (they actually have to have insurance for their insurance), our TPP Secure™ plan is remarkably simple. Best of all, when it’s claim time, we don’t hit your tenants with a pile of exclusions and “other insurance” nonsense.

They’re covered. And you’re the hero. We told you it was simple.

Don’t be fooled by fake “protection plans”!

Storage property protection plans have become so popular with owner/operators and tenants that some insurance providers – and even some of the largest operators in self-storage – are trying to hide their outdated insurance products by naming them self-storage “protection plans.” They’re hoping that tenants using self-storage won’t notice that it’s still just insurance. What tenants tend to notice most is when the unexpected happens and it’s time for a claim. Tenants with insurance have to jump through hoops, deal with depreciation, complicated forms, and timelines that can take months. With a Tenant Property Protection® plan, there is no deductible and claims are settled quickly. Sign up with TPP and say, “R.I.P. Insurance!”

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