Equally as important as the design, construction (or conversion), and fit of your self-storage facility were when you first opened for business is the need for you to offer protection for your tenants’ contents.

When a loss occurs in today’s social media environment, an owner’s reputation may be destroyed by the lack of understanding of who is responsible for the replacement of one’s loss. Tenants with a protection plan require less ‘babysitting’ during a loss and cause less torture for the owner or manager(s).

When you encounter a tenant, who is in the process of moving, one of the most important moving/self-storage tips you can give them is to protect their storage with a Tenant Property Protection Plan.

From a tenant who might want to use one of your units to set-up and take self-storage selfies to the need to have a self-storage auction, you must offer a protection plan that provides your tenants real coverage with no loopholes.

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