New Opportunity for RV & Boat Storage in 2020

New Revenue for Owners!

Now Offering Protection for RVs, Boats, Autos, and Trailers

Outdoor storage spaces may leave your tenant’s property exposed to damage, including collision, dents and smoke/fire damage from on-site accidents. Tenant Property Protection® is introducing a NEW Accidental Damage Waiver/Deductible Reimbursement (ADW/DR) Plan called TPP PLUS™ that will be invaluable to your tenant and will generate more revenue for you from the outdoor storage space at your facility.

Our TPP PLUS™ tenant protection plans eliminate all the headaches, hassles, paperwork and broken promises of other outdoor tenant “insurance” programs and protects your facilities reputation with outstanding coverage if a tenant loss occurs including up to $250 for theft or content damages.

TPP Plus™ Accidental Damage Waiver/Deductible Reimbursement Plan Benefits:

• Generate Additional Revenue from Outdoor Storage Space
• Provide Outstanding Coverage in Event of a Loss
• Provide Outstanding Customer Service in Event of a Loss
• Protect Your Facility’s Reputation from Negative Reviews

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TPP PLUS™ ADW/RW Protection Plan and
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